Top GK Questions for Class 12

Top GK Questions for Class 12

General knowledge is a crucial component of student life and a crucial intellectual building block for Class 12 pupils. Students in Class 12 benefit from general knowledge as they develop both academically and personally. Class 12 It is crucial to encourage students to learn new things rather than just repeating what they have already learned. General knowledge tests should be introduced at both home and school to provide their studies some variety.

Top GK Questions for Class 12
Top GK Questions for Class 12

Q. The Rohingyas are a minority of which state?

Answer: Myanmar

Q. What does ”Global Dimming” mean?

Answer: Gradual reduction in the amount of global direct irradiance at the Earth’s Surface.

Q. Which viceroy of India withdrew the Doctrine of Lapse?

Answer: Lord Canning

Q. Set A has 3 elements and set B has 4 elements. Then the amount of injective functions that will be defined from set A to line B is

  • 144
  • 12
  • 24
  • 64

Answer: 24

40+ GK Questions and Answers for Class 5

Q. Who first proposed the atomic theory of matter?

Answer: John Dalton

Q. Which reaction is mainly responsible for the cause of energy radiation from the sun?

Answer: Fusion Reaction

Q. The Ramon Magsaysay Award is given in memory of the former president of which country?

Answer: Philippines

Q. Which field did Amartya Sen win the Nobel Prize in the year 1998?

Answer: Economics (Welfare Economics)

Q. The book titled “1283” illustrates the career of which Football legend?

Answer: Pele

Top 90+ General Knowledge Questions for all Exam

Q. Who led the revolt of 1857 from Gwalior?

Answer: Tantia Tope

Q. Who is the writer of the Bengali play Neel Darpan?

Answer: Dinabandhu Mitra

Q. Harauti Language is spoken in which Indian State?

Answer: Rajasthan

Q. The Heredity Unit gene is made up of?

Answer: DNA

Q. The scientist who is considered as the father of genetics?

Answer: Gregor Johann Mendel

Q. P and Q together have 3 times what Q and R have, while P, Q and R together have thirty rupees more than P. If Q has 5 times what R has then what amount does P have?

  • 45
  • 55
  • 65
  • 75

Answer: 65

GK Questions And Answers That Can Improve Your Child General Knowledge

Q. Where is the Volcano “Mount Elgon” located?

Answer: Border of Uganda and Kenya

Q. During which session of the Muslim League was the demand of Pakistan put forward?

Answer: Lahore session

Q. Which civilization is considered as the oldest civilization of the world?

Answer: Mesopotamian Civilization

Q. Who is known as the father of Modern Medicine?

Answer: Hippocrates

Q. Who was the first to sail around the world?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan

Q. Which newspaper was the first newspaper of the British Government?

Answer: Bengal Gazette

Q. Who was the founder of the Pallava Dynasty?

Answer: Simha Vishnu

Q. Who has written the famous handbook ‘Arthashastra’?

Answer: Kautilya

Q. Who was captured during the Chittagong Armory case?

Answer: Surya Sen

Q. Lavani is a dance form of which state?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q. Who built the Vijay Stambha Tower of victory in Chittorgarh?

Answer: Rana Kumbha

Q. Which committee recommended for the constitutional position to be provided to the Panchayati Raj?

Answer: LM Singhvi Committee

Q. Which former United States first lady has written ‘Becoming’?

Answer: Michelle Obama

Q. Which day is celebrated as International Labor Day?

Answer: May 1, 2022

Q. Who was appointed as the constitutional Advisor of the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: BN Rau

Q. Which Command is the first and the only Tri-service theater command of the Indian Armed Forces based in Port Blair?

Answer: Andaman and Nicobar Command

Q. Who was the First women Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force?

Answer: Marshal Padmavathy Bandopadhyay

Q. What is the Russian Name for INS Vikramaditya?

Answer: Admiral Groshkov

Q. Which sport is associated with the Ryder Cup?

Answer: Men’s Golf

Q. Who has written the Man Booker Prize winner book White Tiger?

Answer: Aravind Adiga

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