मराठी one word substitution Marathi भाग – 1 A -B

मराठी one word substitution Marathi

मराठी one word substitution Marathi भाग – 1 A -B.

  1. One Word एक शब्द       Many Words
  2. A florist            = म्हणजे       एक फुलवाला    One who deals in flower
  3. A raconteur = म्हणजे       गोष्टी संगणरा   Specially skilled in story telling
  4. Abattoir = म्हणजे       कत्तल खाना    A place where animals are slaughtered
  5. Abdicate = म्हणजे        बेबनाव To renounce a high position of authority or control
  6. Absurd    = म्हणजे         बिनडोक , हास्यास्पद्ध    Wildly unreasonable, illogical or ridiculous
  7. Accomplice = म्हणजे       गुन्ह्यात साथ देणारा
  8. Acquit            = म्हणजे         निरपराधी      To free a person by a verdict of ‘not guilty’
  9. Acrobat           = म्हणजे         हात पाया कलाबाजी करणारा     One who performs daring gymnastics feats
  10. Acronym = म्हणजे  संक्षिप्त रूप    A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase
  11. Act    = म्हणजे         कायदा To play the part of and function as, some other person
  12. Addict  = म्हणजे        पत्ता  A person who is physically dependent on a substance
  13. Addict       = म्हणजे         पत्ताव्यसनी    One who has become dependent on something or drugs
  14. Adolescent = म्हणजे  पौगंडावस्थ     No longer a child, but not yet an adult
  15. Adonis     = म्हणजे        देखणा माणूस   A handsome man
  16. Advocate = म्हणजे  वकील A person who supports or speaks in favour of something
  17. Aesthetics = म्हणजे      कला शास्त्रThe branch of philosophy- study of principles of beauty, in art
  18. Agenda      = म्हणजे         कार्यसूची      List of issues to be discussed at a meeting
  19. Agenda      = म्हणजे         कार्यसूची      A list of things to be discussed at a meeting
  20. Aggressive = म्हणजे  आक्रमक      Always ready to attack or quarrel
  21. Alienation = म्हणजे  अलगाव       A state of emotional or intellectual separation
  22. Alimony = म्हणजे  पोटगी An allowance made to a wife by  husband, when egally separated
  23. Alliteration = म्हणजे  अनुप्रास अलंकार  ommencement of adjacent words with the same letter
  24. Altitude =    म्हणजे         उंची   The height of object above sea level
  25. Altruism = म्हणजे  परोपकार      The philosophy of putting another’s welfare above one’s own
  26. Altruist      = म्हणजे        परोपकारी निस्वार्थी       One who is concerned with the welfare of other,
  27. Alumnus = म्हणजे  माजी विद्यार्थी  A former student of a school, college or university
  28. Amateur = म्हणजे  हौशी   One who plays for pleasure rather than as a professional
  29. Ambidextrous = म्हणजे  उभयचर       Able to use right hand and left hand equally well
  30. Ambidextrous = म्हणजे  उभयचर       One who is able to use both hands
  31. Ambiguous = म्हणजे  अस्पष्ट       Capable of being interpreted in two ways
  32. Amnesia = म्हणजे  स्मृतिभ्रंश     Loss of memory
  33. Amnesia = म्हणजे  स्मृतिभ्रंश     Loss of memory
  34. Amnesty = म्हणजे  सर्वमाफी      A general pardon of offenders
  35. Amoral = म्हणजे         अनैतिक       One not concerned with right or wrong
  36. Amphibian = म्हणजे        उभयचर       One who lives both on land as well as in water
  37. Amphibians = म्हणजे  उभयचर       Animal that can live on land and in water
  38. Amphibians = म्हणजे  उभयचर       Animals that can live on land and water
  39. Amputee = म्हणजे  अपंग ,एकादाअवयव काढलेला  person who has had one or more limbs removed
  40. Anarchist = म्हणजे  अराजकतावादी  One who is out to destroy the Government
  41. Anarchy = म्हणजे अराजकता      The absence of law and order
  42. Anarchy = म्हणजे  अराजकता     A state where no law and order exists
  43. Anecdote = म्हणजे  किस्सा . लहान गोष्ट   A short story based on your personal experience
  44. Animosity = म्हणजे  वैर    A strong dislike
  45. Annihilate = म्हणजे विध्वंस करणे    To destroy completely
  46. Anniversary = म्हणजे  वर्धापन दिन   Yearly celebration of a date or an event
  47. Anonymous = म्हणजे  अज्ञात A book written by an unknown
  48. Antidote = म्हणजे  उतारा A medicine to nullify the effect of poison
  49. Antipathy = म्हणजे  वैरभाव        Strong dislikes between two persons
  50. Apartheid = म्हणजे  वर्णभेद A policy that segregate people on the basis of race
  51. Apathy  = म्हणजे         औदासीन्य     Lack of feeling
  52. Apiary    = म्हणजे         मधुवाटिका     A place where bees are kept
  53. Appraisal = म्हणजे  मूल्यमापन     Estimation of a thing’s worth
  54. Apprentice = म्हणजे  प्रशिक्षू A person who works for an employer for a fixed period to learn skill
  55. Apprentice = म्हणजे        A person who agrees to work for somebody in order to learn a skill
  56. Aquarium = म्हणजे  मत्स्यालय     A tank where fish or water plants are kept
  57. Aquatic =  म्हणजे         जलचर Animals living in water
  58. Aquatic  = म्हणजे        जलचर Animals which live in water
  59. Arable    = म्हणजे        कृषि योग्य जमीन       A land fit for growing crops
  60. Arbitrator = म्हणजे  लवाद  Someone who is designated to dispute and make a judgement
  61. Archaeology = म्हणजे  पुरातत्व       The study of ancient civilization
  62. Archaeology = म्हणजे  पुरातत्व       A study of ancient things
  63. Archive = म्हणजे      संग्रह    The place where public, government or historical records are kept
  64. Archive = म्हणजे       संग्रह    A place where government / public records are kept
  65. Archives = म्हणजे  संग्रह  A records of historical events
  66. Arsonist ( = म्हणजे  आगलवणारा    A person who deliberately sets fire to a building
  67. Articulate = म्हणजे स्पष्टवक्ता     Fluent and clear in speech
  68. Artist      = म्हणजे         कलाकार       One who practices one of fine arts
  69. Ascetic     = म्हणजे       तपस्वी   Person leading a life of strict self– discipline
  70. Assent    = म्हणजे      संमती    To agree to something
  71. Assertive = म्हणजे     सहाय्यक The quality of being politely firm and demanding
  72. Asylum = म्हणजे     आश्रय     Place that provide refuge
  73. Atheist  = म्हणजे      नास्तिक   One who does not believe In the existence of God
  74. Auditor = म्हणजे      लेखापरीक्षक       One who makes an official examination of accounts
  75. Auditorium = म्हणजे  श्रवणविषयक   A building where an audience sits
  76. Autobiography = म्हणजे  आत्मचरित्र     A record of one’s own life written by oneself
  77. Autocracy = म्हणजे  हुकूमशाही      Government by ruler who has unlimited power
  78. Autopsy = म्हणजे  शवविच्छेदन    Dissection of a dead body to find the cause of the death
  79. Avant– grade = म्हणजे  सर्जन्शील लोक The group, especially in the arts, regarded as being the most experimental
  80. Avaricious = म्हणजे लालची A person extremely desirous of money
  81. Aviary      = म्हणजे         पक्षी करता असलेला पिंजरा किंवा पाखरकाना      A place where birds are kept
  82. Bald     = म्हणजे         टक्कल A man having no hair on scalp
  83. Ballad     = म्हणजे  पोवाडा Poem in short stanza narrating a popular story
  84. Bankrupt = म्हणजे  दिवाळखोरी     One who is unable to pay one’s debt
  85. Barometer = म्हणजे  हवादाब माफक Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure
  86. Barracks = म्हणजे  सैनिक करता असणारे भुयार     A place where soldiers live
  87. Benefactor = म्हणजे  लाभार्थी One who helps people by giving them money or other aid
  88. Beneficiary = म्हणजे  लाभार्थी One who gains benefits from something
  89. Bevy =      म्हणजे        घोळका        A group of girls
  90. Bibliography = म्हणजे  ग्रंथसूची       A list of books and writings of one author or one subject
  91. Bibliomania = म्हणजे ग्रंथप्रेम Obsession with books
  92. Bibliophile = म्हणजे  ग्रंथोपचार      A lover of books
  93. Bibliophile = म्हणजे  ग्रंथोपचार      One who loves books
  94. Bigot =    म्हणजे         मूर्ख . धर्मांध ,   One who has obstinate and narrow religious views
  95. Bilingual = म्हणजे  द्विभाषिक     A person who is fluent in two languages
  96. Biodegradable = म्हणजे जैविक रित्या विगटीतहोणार       Material that changes naturally by the action of bacteria

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